You say "LIPSTICK"...
We say

Inspire         Impact             Influence 

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It is HERE!

In all its gorgeous pink glory with a stunning silver magnetic case!!

The signature Jen Mallan lipstick is now available!!

BIG THANKS to all of you who believed in this enough to invest the seed money that made it possible.  AND, thank you to Kim for all your heavy lifting and tireless efforts behind the scenes with Jen!  (That's her in the lab coat and hairnet!)

And now, a message from our one-and-only LIPSTICK CHAMPION...

I can still hear my Meme's voice in my head, drawling, "Shooga, wouldn't you feel better with a little lipstick on?" And you know what?  She was right!  Lipstick holds the power to boost self confidence and be a mood lifter on a difficult day!

But remember, this is no ordinary beauty is also WARPAINT. As you put it on, take a moment to remember and pray for your sisters across the globe as they face their personal battles and challenges.  And remember, too, that every lipstick  purchase helps to fund the purchase of  mammogram and ultrasound equipment for the Reliant Centre Macro-Medical Clinic in Haiti.  Now that's vanity for humanity!

Love and lipstick kisses!  Jen

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