Yes, it is true! I am a Feast lover and the time between Chanukah and Purim is the longest gap without celebrations in the Hebrew calendar. That means it has been far too long since we celebrated and I am more than ready!

God must know that we are in great need of celebration right now in 2022 (Hebrew year 5782) because this year He has doubled up on blessings for us. There are no leap years in God’s calendar but every 19 years, we have two months of Adar back-to-back. That means TWO months of JOY, the hallmark of Adar, and two months to joyfully experience His powerful presence in our lives.

It is with this in mind that I want to share some thoughts about Purim, a magnificent, royal celebration that starts with the story of Esther. To briefly recap this story—through a series of unusual circumstances, an orphaned Jewish girl was crowned queen over the Persian empire. Because she was advised by her Uncle Mordecai to keep her Hebrew identity a secret, Hadassah changed her Hebrew name to Esther and moved into her royal role. Then, as is always the case, a villain entered the picture to destroy the plan and people of God. Haman, a trusted advisor to the King and servant of the devil, plotted to do away with all Jews. He deceitfully persuaded the King to write a decree to annihilate them and cast lots to select the day of their destruction. Esther then faced the difficult decision to play it safe or to serve God in the defense of her people. Knowing it might cost her life she declared “If I perish, I perish” and received a divine plan to overcome the enemy.

The rest is history. Once again God proved Himself faithful, favoring and sparing the Hebrew people and turning the tables on vile Haman. In a sudden divine reversal Haman was hanged on the very gallows he had built for Mordecai’s execution! How’s that for justice? It’s a story of courage, trust and the enduring faithfulness of God!  Do you now see the reason for JOY and celebration in the month of Adar?

But perhaps you are thinking, that was then and this is now. What does this story hold in promise for us today? I declare that it means now exactly what it meant way back then. God still guarantees victory for His children! Almighty God is NO respecter of persons. He will be today who He has always been. He will do what He promises just as He has done time and time again. If you are weary or worn out, precious friend, muster up your little bit of courage, put your faith in Jesus, and expect a supernatural, divine reversal in your situation too. You will have to take a stand and put everything on the line by faith but you will not be destroyed. The enemy will not win over you, not now and not ever.

So, what do you need victory over? What Haman-attack has been launched against you? Where has your joy been robbed and your strength drained? No matter the challenge, darkness, lies, limiting beliefs, or full-out frontal attack, start planning your victory celebration now.

Our Adversary was defeated once and for all time through the shed blood of Jesus at Calvary. He conquered fear, sin habits, past wounds, persecutions, sickness, lack, confusion and every other enemy strategy and assault.

I truly believe this is the most powerful and anointed time for Believers in Christ to be alive. God gave Esther a finishing grace. He gave her the mercy to put herself into His divine plan. He used her mightily to start something new and put an end to something old. I believe He is doing that for you personally right now. I prophecy Brave Obedience over you. I decree double Joy and Strength to you and everything you put your hand too. You are His beloved. He will not fail to deliver, redeem and restore you for the sake of His Son and His glory!

I pray that this Purim, the LORD will turn your sadness to gladness, your captivity to freedom, and all the destruction you have experienced will be overcome by resurrection life.

Expect the Father’s joy to overwhelm every difficulty. Let it bubble up from a hidden wellspring within you as you allow God to take over and lead you to victory.  You are called to such a time as this and our God is still in the business of miraculous turnarounds! Let’s celebrate His victory now!