You say "LIPSTICK"...
We say

HOW EXCITING! Jen, who has to be one of the world's biggest promoters of lipstick, will be launching her own line of beautiful "warpaint." Some of you have already come alongside with funding to get this venture up and running.THANKS for your support and rest assured, you will be the FIRST to receive her signature brand when it makes its appearance!

 Stay tuned for updates in the process as we go along. So far we have the manufacturer onboard and the initial color formulations have been selected. We are bringing all manufacturing elements back to the US so we can proudly say we are American made. Our commitment is to the production of a beautiful, long lasting product designed for beautiful, Kingdom warriors (And yes, we too are long lasting!) So pray over this enterprise and let's find new ways to fund the ministry projects we have on our hearts with a brand new income stream!

Have any thoughts about lipstick, merchandise or other entrepreneurial ventures that you want to share with us?
Please let us know what you are thinking in the comment box below.

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