The King Is Looking for YOU… Will You Run to Him?

I want to continue along the lines of my prior two blogs about calling out to the Lord and then listening for His response. This month I hope to excite you with the awareness that the Lord actually left the palace to find you in Elul and as we enter into the new year of 5783, He is intent upon abiding with you ALWAYS!  I love the timing of the Lord and I don’t believe that it is coincidence that I began writing this blog as the Hebrew calendar was telling us our “King is now in the field.” In other words, He left the palace in search of each of us right where we are, because He desires to spend intimate, quality time reflecting with us on this passing year of 5782 and letting us in on some secrets about the upcoming year of 5783, which begins at sunset on Sept. 25, 2022.

Do you wonder WHY the King of Kings would come after YOU? Well, believe it or not, our King has come once again to bring you reward and favor and to tell you He is pleased with you!  That’s right— He wants you to know what a great job you have done in previous seasons as you have attempted to hear His voice and obey His will, as you have earnestly sought after Him and as you have trusted, in the darkness and surrounding chaos, that He has been listening to you and responding to your prayers. He loves your faith and your trust in Him and in His word. Remember, He NEVER sees anything wrong, sinful or broken in you…He only sees what is still missing in your development and understanding.  It truly is His heart’s desire is to deliver you from the torment of past seasons and set you free from the enemy’s lies and words of condemnation.

Your King, the Lover of your soul, has come to reconcile the seasons of your life and apply His great mercy to your past and your present circumstances. He has come to help you celebrate an ending to everything that has held you back and caused you pain!  Now is the time He planned, before you were even born, to position you for a fresh, new, anointed beginning!  Hear Him as He calls you to rest in His love and be separate. Enjoy His glory. Do not settle for anything less.

But know this—you won’t be able to embrace the new if you are using an old map. He is taking you, His beloved, to places you have never been and into a life you have never before known. He comes with fresh heavenly downloads. He has come to you so that you might grab His hand and be lifted out of every pit, every prison, that has kept you confined so that He can bring you back to His palace.  Trust that this is true, for YOU personally! His Word declares that as surely as you believe He Is, you are to believe He Is a Rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6)

As I think about this, I am reminded of the words from the Song of Solomon that speak to His love for us and His willingness to pursue us: “You’ve captured my heart, dear friend. You looked at me, and I fell in love. One look my way and I was hopelessly in love! Oh, lady of the gardens, my friends are with me listening. Let me hear your voice!” (SOS 4:10 and 8:13 MSG) As amazing and challenging as it may be to believe, the eternal, almighty King above all Kings loves you outrageously!  He isn’t coming after you for some superficial chat or a business discussion.  He is longing for intimacy and true communion with you.  Take that in!

So, how will you respond? That is the million-dollar question.  Will you allow God to increase your faith so you can believe these amazing truths?  Will to dare to believe His word is true…about YOU, personally?  You have cried out and you have listened. Will you now look for Him with a hungry longing and thirst that will not be satisfied until you rest in Him?  Because, you see, we have a part to play in this beautiful and divine romance. We are called to purify and consecrate ourselves in preparation for the great wonders are about to happen among us. A great move of His spirit is upon us – it will be sweeping over us and through us in the upcoming months. But we must be in a position of stillness, holy awe, listening for His divine whisper calling each of us to repent, surrender, revere Him and let Him lead us to deeper places of abandonment. This is our opportunity, your opportunity, to choose to be all in. (Joshua 3:5) 

Will you run to Him? Will you let go of the old? Will you grab onto what God wants for you? Will you take your hands off the reins and give your King full control? Will you lay it all down and accept His invitation to wait on Him and stay in peace?

If your answer is “YES”, get ready to hear new revelation and new instructions…get ready for faith-stretching experiences and times of patient waiting as He works inside you…get ready to be loved and to love beyond anything you ever imagined.  A year of Abundance and newness of life has come! This time and this promise is for you, precious warrior bride!

Strategy two for listening is Praying in the Spirit. That’s right, cry out your questions and then pray, out loud, maybe even real loud, in tongues. His Word tells us this builds us up and strengthens us.  My experience tells me it puts up a force field around me that the noise of the enemy cannot penetrate. Inside that Holy Spirit bubble, I feel His peace and hear with greater clarity.  So, make a holy noise to hear His holy Voice.  Expect, too, that Holy Spirit will prompt you to speak out the very promises you need and respond just as Jesus did with declarations of “It is written” to raise up that promised standard against the devil’s onslaught.

I am retelling this story as a reminder that OUR GOD is not meditating, not sleeping, not distracted, not away and not busy.  He inclines His ear to us always and He ALWAYS answers.  I hope this is settled in our hearts.  So now we can build a strategy for the times when it looks and feels like God isn’t answering us. Let’s discover how to listen for His voice in new ways.  For sure- God is speaking, He is bringing us the answer to our cries, and we don’t want to miss it!

For starters, do you remember a time when you had a new love in your life? Think back to that experience and how you listened for any communication from your beloved.  Back before ringtones, we would leap on the phone to answer it, in hopes it would be “him”. Today we might race to messenger or email to see if there is word of him, but there was a time when we would race to the mailbox in hopes of a letter. We might have even found ourselves “passing by” places where he might be hanging out so we could accidently run into him. Can you identify?

When we are in love. we are hungry for our beloved. We are listening and watching for him. He is our top priority and we block out every background distraction so we won’t miss his voice.  You know where I am going with this, don’t you?  Do we listen like that for God’s response when we are crying out for Him?  And if we don’t, let’s our hunger to hear Him and find a way to tune our ears to His voice in the midst of all the noise and chaos that surrounds us.

So, where do we look for Him? How can we recognize His voice? Where can we go to “run into” our God? Here are my tips on how to listen with spiritual ears…

And finally, for the purposes of this brief blog, get back into His Word.  The Bible truly is a collection of love letters from the Lover of your soul to you.  Dive in and ask Him to point you to the response to your cry. Search in faith for your answers until you find them, remembering always His declaration to YOU in Hebrews 11:6:But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.